Tuesday, July 16, 2013

After the Storm

It was a stormy, rainy day, but the evening was beautiful and permitted Everett and me to take a walk to the inlaws' farm a mile away and bring back our old dog, who had been gone since the magpie/powerpole event several days ago.

At one point yesterday afternoon the power went out and came back on again, along with all the electric lights and appliances in the house, except for my iMac, and that was worrisome. We thought it was kaput. Everett informed me that I did not have it plugged into the surge protector (I was too stupid for words, he implied, disgusted). I began the sheepish struggle to accept that due to my own ineptitude I no longer had a computer and had lost 10 years worth of images and other files. And then he fiddled with it, unplugged and replugged it, and it came on. Yay! But I still can't save any files to disk because I don't know how. Apparently I have to find and download an app, he says, that allows me to do it. Meanwhile I stuck a DVD into the slot and, not only will nothing copy to it, but it won't come out. Some days I really hate not knowing enough about computers.

This was all shortly after I'd read through and proofed my uncle's introduction to his memoir, and thought I'd have to do it again, and was glad I'd only done one section and not lost a whole lot more!

Here is a short excerpt from the memoir of this retired US Navy man, now in his eighties:

"I shut my eyes and imagine myself on the bridge of a ship clearing the harbor and heading for the open sea. I can hear the shrill of the seagulls, see them in flight and smell the sweet scent of the salt and the sea. My blood begins to run hot and heavy, my breathing becomes labored and my day restless with a desire to re-live the excitement I experienced in those exotic lands beyond the horizon."