Friday, September 16, 2016

Birthday in the Field

Scott’s 57th birthday is today. Now he can be as wise as me ... for the next four months.
And he has just gone out the door into the cold morning air, after sweating out some of his own cold overnight. I slept on the couch in hopes of avoiding catching it.
As I walk down the road these past few days you might hear my deep sighs of contentment and relaxation. The fall weather is glorious. 
I love being in the field at this time of year, so have asked if there is anything I can do to help. So far, not, but that may change. One year I drove the bale wagon around the field. Any time I’ve driven a tractor or combine I’ve liked it, although I wouldn’t if it was a super-hot day or if there were mosquitoes or horseflies getting into the cab. I'd be a fairweather farmer, right? These guys have a lot more stamina than I do. They've got mail carriers beat, too. 
As usual, it’s full-steam-harvest on Scott's birthday so we can’t plan anything. Last night I asked if he’d like a chocolate cake or had another preference. He thought not, as sweets aren't good for a cold. So maybe later, then.

Walking home from Scott's mom's place; best sky was always this stretch of road, when we lived in that farmyard 

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  1. Maggie Turner
    on Just Because
    Well, amen to that Kate! When silence is the response to something I've said, even if it is silence with a smile, if there is no eye contact, I always feel the tension, and sometimes I ask about it, depending on the circumstances. I know too that silence on my part, particularly if it is accompanied by a smile, is almost always interpreted as total agreement, which always takes me by surprise, because how could two humans ever totally agree on something that is expressed in language alone.

    Having said that, it is possible that I totally agree with you in never understanding people who put political ideals above human life, or even human liberty. It came of no surprise to me that democracy developed in a culture where slavery was the norm [Periclies], idiocy.
    "Silence is interpreted as agreement." Exactly. That's a serious misinterpretation. -K
  2. Julieon Just Because
    Good post. A lot of people are aware that they are "sensitive." This means to us, as I count myself among this group, that we are deeply affected by what others say to us. Lately, I noticed that habitually rude people are also deeply sensitive to what we, the supposedly kinder gentler folk, say to them. I began to think that people who are often critical and angry are just as sensitive to what is said to them and they are choosing offense rather than defense to protect their gentle selves. All this is psychology, I guess, which is a system of thought that has its limitations. I think we all need to get over our childhoods, once we have become a bit more aware of how that time influenced us, and we need to live in the present.

    As you say, harsh words do affect people and should be used sparingly, I figure. Such unnecessary damage, really!
    And I'm not even talking particularly about "harsh" words. They are sometimes quite matter-of-fact and sometimes they are even true words, but often we don't think twice about whether they should be said or whether it's our place to say them. I'm all for honesty and directness, but I'm also all for kindness and consideration, and sometimes there's a conflict that isn't taken into account when we run off at the mouth being all truthful. - K
  3. Joan McEwan on Just Because
  4. Oh oh..... What did I say?????
Ha Ha! As soon as I posted "Just Because" I received a text asking who I was pissed off at. 
I was actually thinking about the times I've said things that probably offended someone else, but that person didn't say so. -K.
  1. Annette Ericksonon Just Because
    So, so many times I've wanted to turn back time so I could say what I had to say but, the moment which would have been appropriate to say so has passed and doing so would no longer be relevant or appropriate. Some of us just take longer to formulate our thoughts into words, especially when we don't have a pen in our hands or a keyboard at our fingertips.
That's right. Also, we can say things with all good intentions, and they can be misinterpreted by someone who has a soft spot we weren't aware of. -K.