Monday, August 15, 2011

Emil Has Two Favourite Neils

Last weekend we stopped downtown on the way to take Emil back to his place. On the street we saw this fellow, who is one of Emil's favourite people. He doesn't live at the same house as my laddie, but he either comes for meals or drops in to visit fairly often, and he works at the same place.

The lad didn't want to come home this weekend. There was no particular reason to stay there on his days off, he said, but he can, so he will. This is a sign that he is happy there, and that makes me happy. All six residents of his house were taken to the farmers' market on Saturday; maybe he knew that was on the agenda. It would be enough. He loves to go anyplace that he can walk around; if there's food, more's the better.

Next weekend Cathy is coming — yay, Cathy!! — so the spare room will be hers, and Emil, because he doesn't want to sleep on the couch or out in the camper, will likely ask me to bring him out for the day but take him back to town to sleep.

*** New blog alert:
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Leave her a comment; it will encourage her to continue and I will enjoy that.
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And speaking of Joannes, it sounds like Joanne Bohl ran into a pretty nasty hailstorm on her way home from the city: click here for her description.

I've been catching up on Daniel MacIvor's "Notebook," and his picture on June 6 has spurred me onto posting this one I took yesterday afternoon when Ducky discovered me lying out in the swing under the crabapple tree, the lilacs (watching for what I think was an adult catbird feeding its young one; you only get glimpses through the leaves, they rarely let you see them) and the spruces:
Why, just go ahead and make yourself at home, Ducky.

Go read Daniel MacIvor's biography at the Canadian Encyclopedia. He is one of Canada'a best and most successful playwrights.