Saturday, May 30, 2015

Another Kathy

Wise words from my "internet" friend of 15 years, Kathy:

Life can be really fucking mean so you just better have a good time while you can.

I'm reminded that we all share the human experience of, among other things, losing loved ones.

I see that her hubby has good taste in television. He too is a fan of Doc Martin, a comedic series set in Cornwall. It's one of few programs that Scott and I both watch, and I'm pretty sure Mom would've liked it.

Kathy ... she makes me laugh.

It's their 28th anniversary and Nugget has just shaken her hand. HA!! The foolishness of men; but it's making me grin all over.

Kathy's also recently celebrated five years free of breast cancer.

When I see Kathy's blog rise to the top of the list (Arts & Letters in the column on the left), I immediately go read. Kathy is not to be missed!

Here's her most recent entry: CLICK HERE.