Wednesday, November 11, 2015

As the Day Goes On

9:40 a.m.
In recent years there are sometimes moments when I remember that I’m mortal and may not have much time left, maybe not even next week, maybe not even tomorrow. I ask myself, then, if there is anything I’d rather be doing, have always wanted to do. There isn’t. 

Okay then, am I making the best of each day? Well, maybe I’m not making the best, but I’m pretty happy with where I live and what I do. There could be more creativity, more accomplishment, and definitely more loving joyfulness, healthful physical activity, and beauty. Not only am I open and receptive to those; I crave them. Don't we all?

The big picture is pretty much what I want it to be.
The details are where I could put some extra attention.

I’ve been clearing kitchen counters, wiping them and the stove, putting things into the sink, putting other things away, starting a pot of oatmeal porridge, measuring ingredients for raisin rye bread, washing and draining raisins, organizing the spice drawer, and various other tiny tasks, perfectly content, still in my housecoat, munching on an apple.

I think of all the people who aren't enjoying my good fortune and blessed life; those without homes, those separated from loved ones; those who don't feel safe, those who are ill and suffering, those who are grieving a recent death.  I'm grateful to be where I am. 

The dryer was banging so loudly I had to take two pairs of jeans and a sweater out so that it could spin. Since I was down there anyway, I've ended up carrying bags of recycling up the stairs and out to the porch, where it's handy to grab on the way out the door. One more long-forgotten task, halfway completed.

Now that I've heated myself up via several flights up and down the stairs, the snowy air outside is calling to me ... .

Image Source: CBC News
I have put in my order for a poppy like this, and whatever it costs me, I'll make a donation in the same amount to the local Legion or something.