Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trigger Alert: Garter Snake Photo

Saw my first bumblebee of the season on Sunday. Wonder what they are finding to eat out there. Kinda worried about them. Haven't noticed a single thing blooming around here yet.

Made Shelly's recipe for gingerbread but even after baking them an extra 10 minutes they are soft and gooey and not like hers at all. Not sure what I did wrong. They're delicious so it's no loss, but I'll check my ingredients list against her original and if it's not a matter of mistaken copying on my part, I'll add more flour and set the oven temperature higher next time. Then I'll post the recipe over at Stubblejumpers Cafe for those who are interested. Once I get a handle on it, the recipe for these cookies is a keeper.

This little fella scooted out of my way when I strolled across the road toward the hill in the old farmyard. Made me screech! Not afraid of it. It surprised me, that's all:

Click to enlarge if you want to see its little face looking back at you. 

But frick! Just found a wood tick crawling on my throat. FarTA! Now that freaks me out every time. Might have to start living somewhere else in the summer. Honest to God.
Says she who strikes out across the tall dry grass, well aware it's prime woodtick habitat but thinking, "Not gonna let those little bastards keep me from livin'."
Unless, of course, they do.

You Comment, I Reply

Wisewebwoman has left a new comment on your post "You Don't Say":
I love the calendar pic. Joyfully "springy" - we need more spring in our lives.
PS Moose count by me one year was 16!! One charged my dog on my meadow, saucy thing. This year 0.

Surely that low count will soon be remedied!
I haven't seen a moose in our yard for quite a while, but Scott says there was a mule deer in my perennial bed early this morning and a whitetail by the quonset.

Prairie Child has left a new comment on your post "Method Dishwashing": 
Haha- great post..... I do the dishes very similar to you..... Must have been 4h, although I can't say I sweep the floor.....

And I also hate dog licks..... Gary lets the dogs slurp all over his face ..... Ick. I think I might try licking his face and see if he lets me...... I'll keep you posted. I might be offended if he doesn't! 

Heh! Be sure to wag your tail at the same time. I'll be waiting to hear. 

Julie has left a new comment on your post "The Way You Make Love": 
K, I find you very generous and kind. It's not about tit for tat, is it? 

Right you are; it's not. And thanks. I'm happy to hear you think that.

Annette Erickson has left a new comment on your post "Method Dishwashing": 
I tend to agree - there's a method to washing dishes. Only makes sense - doesn't it?
Dog slobber referred to as "kisses" still boils down to dog slobber if you ask me. And I love dogs. 

There are probably as many different methods as there are people.  For instance, I used to know someone who always washed dishes in cold water. Imagine how that felt on the hands.
   I love dogs too, but like you say ... slobber is slobber.