Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sweet Sara

Sara stuck under the front step

Sara Doodle the Dumpling Dog is a five-year-old blue heeler/border collie cross who is terrified of thunder. When area farmers use scare cannon to keep the hordes of geese out of their fields, Sara will do anything to get into your house and hide in your basement. This is the same dog that made a wide berth around me one afternoon when I'd been snapping my bubblegum.

The other morning when the boys went out to catch the bus, Everett informed me that Sara was unable to get out from beneath the step. She'd managed to get herself in there somehow so should've been able to get out, but apparently not.

Just a few shovelfuls of soil to deepen the hole did the trick, and she was soon out, wagging her tail and running around the yard with Chloe Doodle. She spent the day lying on the grass with our two dogs and then headed home to the old place a mile down the road, where we moved from, in time to greet the kids there when they got dropped off by the schoolbus.