Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday in Summer

Some of the kittens checking me out.

Their mother has brought them in from god-knows-where to the shed we feed them in, but they scatter the minute I approach. Yesterday I stood around for a while and they were curious but didn't come within eight feet of me. All five are alive and well; we hadn't seen them for several weeks, when Scott spotted them playing under one of the old combines left here by the previous owners.

Took Karen's tiny little female Yorkie to meet her new owner yesterday, and then carried on to do some shopping in Yorkton, which is still recovering from its severe flood. Arrived home in the evening to work email in my inbox and a countertop full of dirty dishes; I haven't done them for a day or two. And would like to, but alas ... it's Saturday and I believe there may be a garage sale in town, and it's a sunny day, and although I was unsuccessful at keeping Scott from his farm work to go for breakfast with me and attend a few sales, he did fish a $50 bill out of his wallet so I could pick up beer ... so I might as well go see if I can find anything to spend his change on. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.