Monday, June 16, 2014

No Lemonade for You!

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon in Watson and a little girl (I assume) wisely headed for someplace warm and dry.
Today my pal Al brought out her feral cat and we installed it in a large kennel in the barn, where it will stay for several days till it calms down and learns there is food and shelter here for it. I hope it sticks around and does all right. Jenna Doodle needs some help with the moles that have invaded. She’s brought three half-eaten ones to the house so far and Scott says she was lying in wait for one this evening while he was digging dandelions in the outer yard.

Maybe tomorrow the clouds will clear off and the soil will dry enough for me to wreak garden havoc with my trusty horseshoe hoe. Today I managed to go for a good walk in the morning, and got some weeds pulled by hand from the flowerbed this afternoon. Worked several hours on the News webpage too. And had pie and tea with Al and Scott, who came home during the day to get his income tax papers together. "Last day to file," he was informed. Guess that lit a fire under his bum.