Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The WHAT-IFs and WHENs

Don't you hate those times, usually late on a sleepless night, when you think about the loss of youth and health and life that is to come, not only to you but to those you love? And then all those things that could happen, that might happen, that do happen, that have happened to others?

How about all those unfortunate things that almost happened to you or to someone you love? Oh yeah, those sneak in there too to ramp up your feelings of insecurity and anxiety; old memories can still turn your stomach when you're lying there unable to nod off.

Then there are all those horrors that are happening right now in other places in the world; murder and war are not only in the distant past. People are suffering right now, while you lie there cosy and safe in your bed and your family members are well and even your dog is living a better life than many children in this world.

As soon as there was snowfall, the boys put out hay for the cattle to eat and straw for them to bed down upon.

Here in the here and now, right here, all is well. This is what I tell myself so that I can settle down. Think about something else. Change my focus. Censor and direct my thoughts with awareness and intention. Consider all that is right in my world; how lucky and grateful I am to be here and to have this life till now. Worry is useless, wasted energy.

All snug on their bed of straw.
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Oh I love books like that- I read one just lately....maybe we can swap when you come in a couple weeks!! No snow yet here and I'm hoping it stays that way right until Christmas Eve:) 

Joan: With the excessive rain and early snow we've had this past week and no warm, sunny, drying weather in sight, Scott may have to be in the field on the dates my flights are booked from Calgary to Kelowna and back. I chose specific dates, once he committed to them, so that I could keep him company on his way to Calgary and back; it's such a long frigging drive. But the weather may well put the kibosh on it all. 
I've checked out connecting flights from and to Saskatoon, as that's an option, but the few available on my dates would leave me vulnerable to missing the Calgary to Kelowna flight, or the Calgary to Saskatoon flight; or I'd have to be at the airport by 4:30 in the morning and I don't want to do that either. It makes for too long a day. Been there, done that! (Approaching 60 I'm finally figuring out I should treat my body with more consideration, and my mind too.) 
Not sure yet what to do if the timing's against me; if I can't get away before winter conditions set in at the airports, I might wait and fly out in the spring instead.
The Little Stranger is borrowed from a book-collecting friend, so I have to return it.

Hey girl, I love Sarah Waters' writing. Tipping the Velvet, Fingersmith, and some others are really excellent. She is such an accomplished writer, it is a joy to read her work. I didn't get to this one yet. 

Waters is a wonderful writer, no kidding! I can't wait to read something else from her.