Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flowers to Migrate North of House

Kurt called yesterday to say he could spend the afternoon digging a new flower bed (actually he is extending the one he dug in the fall to save my plants from the septic tank installation) in the front lawn for me. So he spent 7 hours here and got the sod half dug out and carted away; I hope he’ll come back Sunday and finish.

I went out for a few minutes after every hour of my work here at the desk and took him a pop or carried water to the tractor shed for the cats (so they aren’t forced to go to a slough where they might be caught by a fox or coyote) or just to say hello and see what progress was being made.
A robin spent much of the day perched on top of the power pole in the yard, gaily chirping his “territorial song.” Click HERE to hear it. What a pleasure to open the kitchen window and listen while making supper; it begins to seem even more like spring is here to stay, although snow is forecast for the weekend. 

Today the wind is cold, but the sun's shining. 

And what was Virginia Woolf up to on a Wednesday, you say?
Virginia with her husband Leonard


L. went off at 10 a.m. to give his second lecture at Hampstead. The first was a great success, as I knew it would be. He finds the women much more intelligent than the men; in some ways too intelligent, & apt on that account, not to see the real point.

Now I have to decide whether I shall go up again, to a party at Gordon Sqre, where the Aranyis are playing. On the one hand, I shirk the dressing & the journey; on the other I know that with the first chink of light in the hall & chatter of voices I should become intoxicated, & determine that life held nothing comparable to a party."