Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well Shoot - the Virus Got Me

I was healthy as could be on Sunday, so it was left to me to deliver the vases and flowers to our grandmothers and to Scott's mom.

Afterward, the boys and I went to pick up fast food at the drive-through for supper, and I said "Remind me to start taking ColdFX when we get home." With Scott fighting strep throat since Friday and Everett still sniffling from his head cold, I should have started boosting my own immune system days ago.

Alas, I got up Monday morning with a runny nose and have been wiping and blowing ever since, and have a slight fever. What a waste of two lovely days, as I'm staying in, resting (and working at my desk) rather than "playing" in my garden, which is where I'd be if I could.

Damn colds.