Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ugliest Ashtray Contest

When I bought my little camper, it came with some pots and pans and dishes and this, the ugliest ashtray in the world. It's so ugly that I haven't been able to part with it. I figure there must be an Ugliest Ashtray contest somewhere, someday, and I have the perfect entry!

If you have an ashtray that can top this one for pure disgustability, please send a photo.

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Maggie Turner on "It Begins": 
Your farm is so different than the farm I grew up on Kate! We were in Niagara and grew tender fruit, very labour intensive from March until the snow flew, then nothing. Tender fruit needed all kinds of specialized attention, each type of fruit had its own demands. We didn't have any field crops, crops that could be harvested with a tractor, everything was hand picked, and packed. There were a few tasks that a tractor could do, harrowing the vineyard rows. I love seeing how your farm works! 

It's an education for me too, actually. I never worked on a farm, though I lived on one as a teenager. We had livestock for only two years, I think, and I only had to put the ducks in at night. I don't remember any other chores. It's interesting to see close-up how things are done, especially on an organic farm where they treat illnesses (in cattle or soil or crops) in a different way than conventional farmers do.

Maggie Turner on "Let's Go to Kelvington": 
That is an incredible picture of Scott and his Grandma! 

He goes up to Kelvington every second Saturday to make supper and eat with her, taking turns with the rest of the family so that Grandma doesn't have to cook anymore. I hadn't gone along for quite a while, so this visit was long overdue.

Maggie Turner on y"Tealites from Thailand": 
That is a wonderful thing, that the ticks carrying Lyme disease are not in your area! They are in our area, although I haven't seen any, I'm not sure I would recognize them if I saw them. We are using permethrin sprayed clothing, and wearing high rubber boots when walking around in the bush, and we are hoping that will work. But in your hair you say! How do they get up that high, I thought they hung out in the grass, so much for that bit of misinformation. 

 I walked under the trees a couple times, but wasn't in long grass. At least, never for long. A person passes through once in a while. 
I had repellent oils on my shoes and socks and hands and neck, etc., and in my hair! and wore long sleeves and had my jeans tucked into my socks. I also had a hat on part of the time.

Those are lovely tea light holders. Even though I claim to not be an animal person, I find joy in so much animal-related art.
I still can't imagine what life on a farm can be like---I only know I have none of the skills that would help. 

I don't do any farming, Lorna, so can take no credit for skills, whatsoever. I'm just in the fortunate position of being able to live on a farm without having to grow the crops or feed the livestock. Occasionally at seeding or harvest time when Scott starts early and goes late, I whip up a meal to take to the field if it dawns on me that he might be starving out there, and usually find out that he planned to be home in half an hour so it wasn't necessary.