Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall My Favourite

Tuesday 7:32 pm
Fullish day, and still dishes not done. It was more important to be out and around. Dishes can always wait, and often do, in this house. I lack my mother's and grandmother's and aunts' self-discipline, that's for sure. 
Made two chicken noodle casseroles though, one for Lillebos and one for us. They were on their way home from the hospital in Regina today. Faye expected the ride to be pretty rough and was hoping good drugs would help.
Went to town for a few things the casserole recipe called for, and a few more of course while I was there, and dropped off homemade bread at Everett’s.
Another beautiful night, cool, fall, but stars and clouds and moon, and combines and grain trucks in the fields around. Scott and Bruce are combining oats tonight, as they’ve been all day.

Full of noodle casserole, I don’t feel like doing a damn thing more, including dishes. I’ve just been for a stroll to the end of the driveway and around the yard. While walking across the road earlier today, the breeze was cool when you were facing into it — on went the sweater — but when it was behind you, you were sweating! Only in Saskatchewan? Or is it just me being so damn sensitive to temperature?

Decided to fly to Kelowna Oct. 17 and come back the 19th. Karen rearranged her schedule when she got to work this morning and texted me to book a ticket for her too. So that’s done. It'll be a quick trip but done during my usual four days off and not rushing back to work tired from travel. I've tried to arrange departure and arrival times at the most convenient times for us instead of what is least expensive (yet not most expensive either; got some frugal bones in me). Fingers are crossed that by going a few weeks earlier this year, weather doesn't force us to spend a day in the Calgary airport this time. Although I'm not entirely sure, now, that that was the cause of our missed connection last November. At any rate there's a two-hour layover in Calgary going both ways so we have a bit more leeway if a flight is delayed.

That back step under the night sky is calling me; with or without a libation in my hand, I will be going out. It may not be for long, due to the chill in the air; but I’ll go more often. One way or the other, I want to enjoy every moment of this.

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