Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Back to the Oat Field

"I can combine," said the almost breathless voice on the other end of the phone. "Would you bring something out for me? I'm having a quick bite at Mom's right now before I head to the field."

"Sure," I said. "What time?" It was almost 5 o'clock already.

"Doesn't matter. I dunno. Whenever." 

"I've just taken buns out of the oven. Why don't you stop in here on your way?" I suggested.

Nope. The race is on! Every minute counts! There was just time to remind me not to drive over the stubble in Little Green (fire hazard) and not to drive in as far as I did last week or I'd get stuck, since there's been rain. He'd be on the combine quite far away, but he'd be watching for me. 

I made a tomato sauce and put meatballs in the oven and boiled water for spaghetti. Not his favourite, pasta (he's a potato man), but it's what I had planned for supper anyway.

One of two small combines on the farm. A larger one is on the shopping list. 

Reply to Comments

Maggie, I've put the recipe for 2-hour buns HERE in my Stubblejumpers Café recipe collection.

Teresa, we had a ouija board when I was a kid, too. And it predicted my uncle's marrying someone else than the gal he'd been going out with for about three years. It even gave us this unknown woman's first name. He hadn't met her yet. And he did marry her, too!

Ralph, I'm not sure how much is told about the future in a tarot reading. At least, the ones I do aren't so much that, as a look at where you will likely end up if you keep on exactly as you are. If you don't like that prediction, you have the opportunity to change your actions in the present. My readings seem to focus on where a person is at in the present and what that is creating. When upon occasion there is a prediction about the future and it comes true, I'm as surprised as anyone.

Maggie, I once had a reading done by a woman who was very psychic but was only interested in my money. She knew exactly how much I had coming (which I didn't yet know) and she used her abilities to try to convince me there was a lot of trouble in my near future and only she could help me avoid it, for a fee of -- you guessed it -- the amount that was coming to me. There are rotten people like that around and they use their abilities selfishly.
I've also had a reading done by someone who was full of fear and in the habit of looking at the dark side; his interpretations of upcoming events were correct, but skewed so negatively that when they actually happened, my experience of them was very different than what he had predicted.
I learned from these people, but what I learned was not to buy into their perspectives just because they have psychic ability. It doesn't automatically translate into wisdom, caring or honesty.

Also, Julie responded to your comment about singing in Gr. 4: "Those grade four teachers did harm a lot of children because the adults they became are ashamed to sing. Shame on those darn teachers. We don't have to win The Voice. Singing is for our own enjoyment and most people can sing enough to have fun."

WiseWebWoman, the short story contest? Really? Hm. I'll take another look at that entry.

Anyone out there who might like a tarot reading, please look over my Letter of the Law page first and see if it's for you.