Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Smoke Lifts

The smoke abated enough during the night that Scott felt he could open the bedroom window wide while I was still asleep this morning and turn the overhead fan on above the bed, before leaving for work. This cooled the air, making it difficult to continue snoozing, but I managed it for about an hour! I'm good at sleeping.

It's cooler today but the sky is still grey and some smoke remains. I feel for all those people — mostly women, children and those with health conditions — who are out of their homes and moved to shelters in Saskatchewan cities. The men of their communities have stayed to fight the fires.

I'm also thinking about all the very young wildlife that won't have made it out of the flames and smoke. Many will have perished.

Here, Dad's coming over for lunch so I have to come up with something to eat. It will be my breakfast, so ... eggs and toast? He's probably already had that today. Hm.

Also, see EVERETT FINDS A THING. For what he finds humorous or entertaining.
And sometimes, so do I.
Today it's not workplace-friendly.