Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One of Those Days

It's still pretty chilly out there; I wore my ski pants yesterday, and my winter jacket with the hood up, which tells you something.
Haven't been out yet today, at least not further than the step. Hope by the time I go walking, the clouds will have cleared off and the air will be warmer.
Alas, the neck thing is grieving me again today so I may end up lying down and sleeping while a pill works, instead. It's next to impossible to force myself out onto the road when I feel this way. There have been times when I thought getting out into the fresh air might vanquish the thing, but alas, getting a mile from home and not being sure how you'll make it back isn't healing.
I've had a lot of "neck things" already this month — six — so finally I've made an appointment for massage in town. I need to have massage regularly, and to mix the sessions up between two different therapists, one of whom (Hi Ann!) works farther away but heck, I only have to call her and I start feeling better.
I guess the trick is making a bunch of appointments in advance; that's the way to get myself going. Otherwise as soon as I'm feeling normal, I don't bother. The eternal optimist, that's me.
My heart goes out to people with any kind of chronically painful condition. I am only suffering a little discomfort here, and still it colours my entire day. It affects my life, even, as I don't like to commit to anything where my presence is relied upon, just in case I wake up with a migraine that day and my pill doesn't work. I've worked through the migraine before, and it was torturous; I try not to do it. I'm an escapist I guess: let me sleep!