Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unusual light in storm clouds north of the yard on Sunday evening

My company (JoanneP) quit smoking 3 wks ago, but we're ready for the next smoker

Cousin Oscar and his Lovely Wife Barb at Margo Centennial Reunion

During the last rain I spotted a bee keeping dry underneath a globeflower bloom

Just home from a morning and early afternoon "out and about" and now it is teatime, but we are going to rustle up some tequila margaritas instead.
  I keep feeling like I have to get back to my desk, then remembering no I don't, I'm not working. Wow. All I really have to think hard about is what to make for supper. The oven element has quit and I don't want to heat the house up anyway, and we haven't purchased a barbecue yet (believe it or not, Shelly!).
One thing about a sweltering hot day like this, and company at the same time, is that it really feels like "summer" to me. Like a holiday. I even bought popsicles, which cemented the mood.
We saw a moose on the way home from Kelvington — it was extremely dark, black almost — and we stopped at my niece Cara's and got all doped up on newborn baby. Oh my my, the sweetness. What a darling.
I don't know what the temperature outside is, but in here it's 73F, which feels caressingly cool. Joanne stretched herself out on top of a bed and is snoring to beat 60.