Thursday, August 18, 2016

Friends Galore

"Ha!" She laughed. "Of course that's your desk! Look ... a sweater and a down vest on the chair!"
Oh, how well she knows me.

We were at the News office and my high school friend Cathy was having a look around while our friend Jo Ann was with my other friend Alison, who owns the newspaper. They were digging around for letter sets that went with some of the old presses.

I love Alison's naturally curly hair. It's the cutest. Behind her are the stacks of Wadena News ready to be sorted for mailing.
Jo Ann is an artist who has been searching for these letters "to make things with," and Alison has been slowly but surely de-cluttering the large office building that has been in service for many, many years.

Jo and Cathy get a tour of other press-related stuff in the office.
Jo Ann got her letters and an old compartmented drawer like the one they came in, and went off home to Regina with visions of art projects floating in her head, I'm sure.

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Wisewebwoman on Dish Driers' DelightAugust 15, 2016 at 4:11 PM
If it's micro fibre I can't stand the feel so I'm with your aunt lol. I've got guests who are bugging me at the mo so would trade my house full for yours!!!
Nothing worse than bugs for house guests, Mary!

CrystalChick on Dish Driers' DelightAugust 17, 2016 at 8:01 PM
Those are great gifts! Ooh, cranberry almond chocolate… that sounds delish!
My dishtowels are a mess right now. Old, new, soft, scratchy. I'll probably do some replacement closer to the holidays.
An afternoon with friends… wonderful!
Nice photos. You are lovely. :) 

Are you having some eye troubles, CC? Hee!!
Yes, I enjoyed that afternoon; it was just right. Of course one wishes they could stay longer, but it was just right anyway.
Get yourself some new dish towels, stat! It's the little pleasures that give a lift, isn't it.