Friday, December 7, 2012


This girl's got voice.

Since my "Star of Bethlehem" rampage — which continues — you'll have to put up with it, that's all — I do, much as I begin to wish it would go away. Anyhoo, I'm online listening to all kinds of performances of this song on YouTube, and let's face it, there are quite a few I'm not listening to for long. 

What is it about a performance that catches your attention and holds it all the way through? 

There are many that just don't do it. They are earnest enough and people can carry a tune, but ... I can live without 'em. Then there are these others that I can't click away from.

Like this one. Here is Theda Shirley in Clinton, Mississippi; she rocks it old-time style:

I have listened to this song dozens of times now and still couldn’t sing all the words.

When Eli Barsi and her band played it on Sunday afternoon, I thought "Oh Christ with the Christmas carols. Already!"

And now I can't stop singing this one. Oh, not the whole thing! Pfft. Just bits and parts from here and there.