Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tracks of What

Haven't been for a walk in an entire week and am starting to miss my road. My back is on the mend though, as long as I don't ignore it. When it says so, I sit or lie down. 

Scott brought home some organic rye flour and I'm chomping at the bit to make some raisin rye bread, but am not allowing myself to. I also didn't bake on Friday; no heavy lifting for this girl ... but wait, what choice do I have? None, that's what. 

Gotta build some upper body strength, which I suppose I knew. 

And it's not really heavy lifting. Or if it is, then only for me. And children and old ladies.  

Deer bound through the snow; moose drag their feet. This must be a deer track; the imprint of its body.

Emil's getting his braces and boots on, ready to head for town so he'll be there to work in the morning.
It's a beautiful bright day so I'll enjoy the drive.