Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Meditation on Green & Yellow & Light

If you enlarge this photo and sit looking at it casually for five minutes, you will release a layer of tension.

Click image to enlarge.

After another five minutes, you will release another layer.
You'll feel it when your body takes a deep breath and then exhales.
Check it out.
It's what happens to me, anyway.
I plan to use it as a desktop wallpaper, but I haven't been able to let go of the Zen Things list that's on there right now. I need those reminders.

Gazing at this picture works as well as sitting watching fish swim around an aquarium, or looking out the window at birds flitting about in nearby trees. You will relax.

When it happened to me—when the deep sigh came—it made me realize my body is tense, even when I'm unaware of it. No wonder I get migraines caused by muscle knots.

Jesus Murphy it's almost one in the morning. What the hell am I doing up?