Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mr. Scruffy Turns 28

Yes indeed, I am ancient! 
I still feel about 14 years old on the inside, so it's a peculiar reminder, with my eldest turning 28, that time has surely been passing much more quickly than I can really grasp. 

On Emil's birthday, he was able to spend the day with his favourite aide, Tracy. They came out this afternoon and we had freshly baked brownies with ice cream, and they were going back to town to pick up takeout for supper for everyone at his group home. They'd had birthday cake at lunchtime and they were going to have birthday cake again after supper. 

Just waiting for that brownie and ice cream.

Before they arrived, I took a few minutes to flip through the journal of 1988 to see what might be worth sharing here, if anything. Wow, a person doesn't realize how much is forgotten 28 years later!

I guess it's okay to be reminded. Some of it makes me cringe, though, and I wouldn't want it read by anyone else. Other parts are quite sweet. Damn, such a mixture that I can't just throw them all out, and will have to go through each one. And that's a mixed bag too — I don't want to revisit everything just to find the odd gem. Too boring. Who has time? Or wants to spend the time they do have, that way? Not this old gal. 

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Annette Erickson on "Birds and Wood Ticks": 
Tics and caterpillars, those are the two of the three creatures I absolutely detest and can't stand. The other one is mice. Gross me out! 

I literally shuddered while reading these words. That tells us something, doesn't it.
I don't mind caterpillars; as a matter of fact, I picked some of the tent caterpillars off the oaks and roses with my BARE HANDS. Could hardly believe it, myself.
But I can't squash them. 
And I feel guilty for killing them, especially if it's not done instantly and painlessly. I'm kind of ashamed of myself for the way I did it. Not telling.

Maggie Turner on "Birds and Wood Ticks": 
Kate, we killed hundreds and hundreds of tent caterpillars at our camp, and when we visited yesterday we still had leaves on the trees! It probably had nothing to do with our efforts, the leaves were on the trees everywhere we drove past. We are lucky so far, no ticks, but that could changes anytime, or worse, maybe they are there and we aren't aware enought to know it! 

As long as they're not on you! That's what matters. They're creepy critters and I'm at the end of my rope.

fascinated but scared. your urban friend, Lorna 

The ticks have got me considering city living for a couple months of the year.

Definitely the worst year ever for wood ticks and tent caterpillars here. The caterpillars are pretty much done but they have stripped most of the leaves off the poplars. Hardly a day goes by I don't pull a tick or two off me. They never used to find me but this year, they like me. 

Little bastards. I've been doing some reading. Chickens will eat them and apparently if you have free-range chickens you won't have a tick problem. Just a chicken shit problem -- hee! But you could have the chickens "around" your yard, managed by an electric fence. Hm. If we got chickens here again, Emil would never come out for a weekend or, if he did, he wouldn't go outside and walk around like he does now. He is afraid of chickens. But if I thought chickens would fit the bill, I might just get some anyway. 
Ticks winter-over in leaves. I've been lazy when it comes to leaf removal in the fall, just raking them up and piling them in the bush around the yard. Maybe they actually have to GO. Not that there still wouldn't be leaves in the bush, mind you. Also, I always leave the flowerbeds so that the birds can find seeds there over the winter, and then there is a dead mess there in spring. Maybe the ticks like that too. 
They're a horrible plague and I have to remind myself to be thankful they don't (maybe) carry lyme disease, as some do.