Thursday, September 3, 2015


This week I have two days to do the work of three days, since tomorrow I'll be travelling.

One might think I'd go into the office a day early, but my desk doesn't start seriously collecting material till Wednesday, so a Tuesday stint wouldn't solve the problem.

I went in yesterday as usual about 9:30 and was reading and scribbling and organizing things when the power went out all over town. It remained out till five o'clock, so the entire town pretty much shut down. You can't collect money without a computerized till, apparently!

After a couple hours of doing what I could without the use of a computer, I came home and started reading one of Gerald Durrell's books about collecting animals for a zoo. Durrell is a charming writer with a real appreciation for animals and their characteristics, and quite entertaining, but I'm struck by the self-serving arrogance of humans in thinking it's perfectly all right to capture wild animals and remove them to a strange country to spend the rest of their lives in an enclosure. I cannot understand how we ever thought that was all right to do, and how we still rationalize it. Who do we think we are?

Back to town I went when the grocery store opened up; I needed grub for Bob the Barn Cat and some for myself. And then I spent the next three hours in the office, when the phone was not ringing! It was heavenly quiet. My desk (one of two that I use; little greedy guts) is fairly far back in the room, which is quite large, but during the day there is a lot of coming and going and a phone constantly ringing, and while I like chatting with customers who come in and have no problem working amid the intermittent commotion, it's only when there outside of business hours that I notice how pleasant it is with no added noise.

Today's going to be a long one, because I won't be leaving the office till I've done everything possible to enable my co-workers to get the job done tomorrow, a day that all hands are required, without me there doing my part. I'm tempted to take Ducky along so he won't be stuck in the porch too many hours. Hm. Don't think the office cats would appreciate that much.

Grasshopper candy
Everett brought these out the other day. They really do taste like cotton candy.
Eye candy?