Monday, August 18, 2014

Purple Coneflower

A rare summertime treat is the sun shower. You know — when it rains, but the sun continues to shine. We got that yesterday afternoon while I was in the flower patch, and I was able to keep right on deadheading along. The flower patch got its facelift and I only got pleasantly damp.

This photo was taken on Tuesday, when I used the sprinkler to give all the flowers their weekly deep  soak.

Purple coneflowers, a.k.a. echinacea. After years without success, there is finally a population of them in my flower patch.
I don't think of myself as a writer.
Oh, I write.
Competently enough.
But I don't "craft" my writing.
Oh, I tighten and polish it alittle.
But I don't think about structure, colour, action, storytelling and persuasion, as "real" writers do.
I just say what I have to say, as clearly and accurately as I can without labouring.
I don't challenge myself to make an art out of it.
Just sayin'.