Wednesday, November 23, 2016


“The thing to do is to note the pith of what is said—that I don’t think—then to use the little kick of energy which opposition supplies to be more vigorously oneself. . . . To investigate candidly the charge; but not fussily, not very anxiously. On no account to retaliate by going to the other extreme—thinking too much." - Virginia Woolf

Woolf said this about critical reviews of her writing, and I find it equally true of ungenerous judgments of others toward oneself. Don't you?

If you don't listen to CKUA Radio, check it out: You can hear it online.

CKUA is always introducing me to musicians I've never heard of who are really great. There's wonderful variety too. Check out The Old Disc Jockey, for one, if you like that kind of stuff, but there are all kinds of shows and artists.

I'm now enamoured of Madeleine Peyroux. Remember when I first bought her CD and didn't like it? Now she's one of my favourites. 'Course, I have a hundred favourites. So much fabulous music, so little time ... and a big appreciation for quiet also keeps me from doing much listening these days.

CKUA played a song by Rhiannon Giddens that I liked, "Down That Lonesome Road":

I made this Wild Rice Salad when Cathy was here.

Here's the recipe if you want to try it yourself. Something different.

Last night for the first time I threw together this easy dish and loved it: It's going to be a regular around here. 

I am about to lie down in order to be receptive to a session of distance healing by my friend Kate at Bluehorn Healing Centre. See her ad under "Letters of Recommendation." It will be my first experience of this aspect of Kate's many talents.