Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tea with Grandpa Jack

Great-Grandpa Jack's moustache cup, which it's my guess he never used. And I won't either, and not just because I have no moustache.
My tea today is made from gatherings around the farmyard and on my walks: rosehips, yarrow, giant hyssop and pineapple weed.
One thing about being "without work" is that I spend next to no time here at the computer, and when I do, it's to rest after being outdoors hoeing or transplanting. In spite of my intention not to buy a lot at greenhouses this year and to patiently wait for my saved flower seed from last fall to sprout, I've still ended up with three trays of bedding plants from area greenhouses. As soon as the weather is fine, I am impatient to get them all in place. I started with the pansies last night and got one tray emptied, and was tired after all the digging, and dirty, but satisfied.

Last spring after a horrible cold windy freezy weekend in late May and a number of my bedding plants dying from it all, I promised myself that forevermore I'd wait till June to transplant. Ha. Who can do that, when the sun is shining brightly and you know those plants are as anxious to get into the ground and spread their roots as you are to see them there?