Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chippendale Everett

He may wish to kill me (quite justifiably) when he sees I've put this one up, but it's so darn cute.


Check out webpages written by Canadians by clicking on either of the two Canadian Weblog Awards nominee buttons over on the side. I may move them around over the coming weeks while fiddling around with the template as I'm prone to do, but they'll be on the page somewhere. If you follow the link you should find a list of recent entries by nominated bloggers. Go, Canucks! Which is the closest thing to a sports cheer that will ever come out of my mouth.


Yep, he's standing over my shoulder right now, thinking up ways to end my life. I'm reminding him how much he loved that little bowtie and wore it with every outfit for a while. When I was going through old photos the other day, I found several where he was wearing it. He is reminding me that if you squeezed the bow, it squeaked. Also, he is mortified by all the comments that he looks like me.