Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Pig

How doth he love me? Let pigs count the ways.

It had been a while since my pig collection was added to, but Scott topped it up this Christmas.

His first gift to me 10 years ago, when love was new, was a stuffed pig on a keychain. He was, he said with a grin, "a pig for your love."

And the pigs kept on coming.

Now, when he gives me a hard time about all my "junk," I say "But darling, you gave me half of it!"


It's been great having Everett here with me; another body in the house fills it up just right. In the mornings before school he comes and sits in the rocker by my bed and chats with me. All I have to do next is get him trained to bring a cup of coffee along.


It's time to get back into hand-written letters again. I'm sponsoring a woman in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which as you probably know is a severely war-torn country where the women have often been raped and enslaved as well as seen horrors that would probably put me right out of my head. They've lost family members, and they're destitute. My $27 a month will help her get into some kind of self-supporting business and will be put to use in the community, too, perhaps enabling her children and others in the village to go to school. I don't know anything about her yet, but we can write to each other and translators will facilitate communication.

To find out more about the operation Women for Women International, click here.