Friday, February 21, 2014

Hatha Yoga

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Ahhhh... hot, freshly perked coffee. Everett's house to myself for an hour or so before I walk to the office. A slightly sore back after a night in the living room on the hardest mattress in the world.

The soreness won't last long. I started doing hatha yoga again on my 55th birthday, about three weeks ago, and already can feel my muscles and tendons becoming more flexible.

 It seems to me that in the past half-year or so, when I get up from a sitting position, my body is often stiff for no reason I can fathom; I put it down to getting older.

 I have great faith in yoga. For me it is key to suppleness and stamina, and I don't mean just physically. When I do yoga regularly, there is in me an unshakeable core of calm and strength.

Also, yoga feels so good. It can be as pleasurable as sinking into a warm bath.

Well -- best get some grub in, and get to work. It's production day at the office -- the paper now comes out Mondays  -- so Friday is a day of steady slogging to meet the press deadline. We've never managed it yet, since I started working at the news office in October, but maybe today will be the day!