Friday, April 24, 2009

April Snows

I will miss the view from the driveway here, as it is a beckoning one. Even when it's snowing, as it is tonight.
This has got to be winter's last blast.

It's Karen's birthday today, for those of you who know my little sister. Now 48, she's looking damn good—gorgeous, even. She and Dick met me in town for lunch and then we did a quick bit of shopping. I came home with a plastic beetle that looks something like a lady bug, only it's bigger than my hand, for $2.50. It will be going into the garden. My heinous plan is not to tell He Who Must Not Be Mentioned on My Blog (age 16) about it and see how he reacts when it's first spotted.

As soon as I got home though, my neck started acting up. What could be the cause? MSG in the Chinese food? The O Henry bar I ate for dessert on my way home? One never knows for sure. I ended up taking a pill and sleeping for two hours. It worked though; feeling fine now, if groggy. There should be some kind of altar to make an offering at, I'm so damn thankful.

So, after this snow, that'll be it. Right? Because I'm really starting to think about finding the closest greenhouse and spending all my spare cash on blue flax, lupins, woolly thyme, oregano, basil, and jalapeno peppers.