Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Extra Dog

Had extra company for the walk today. Gunnar's dog Tank, the English bulldog, made it the first 40 minutes before turning into our driveway as I passed it in order to continue on my merry way with the usual companions. He seemed to enjoy the space and freedom outside the city but was tuckered out and chose not to proceed with the pack.

Glad I went around noon when the sun was shining and there was some heat, because as the afternoon ended a wind came up and I've been unable to get warm. The thermometer claims it's 72F in here but I don't believe it. Might have to climb into bed just to conserve body heat!

It doesn't help to be sat on my butt all afternoon to work. I put a heating pad, set to low, on my lap. I know, it's ridiculous. I do it on hot summer days too; our house remains cool. I think it's just me — have a hot drink, all the extra clothes and the heating pad come off instantly; a cool one, and I have to add layers.

Would be nice to maintain an even, comfortable body temperature. Maybe if I started taking ginseng capsules or something?