Saturday, July 28, 2012

What I've Accomplished Today

Fertilized flowers with Miracle Gro, using a watering can. Don't ask how many trips to the rain barrell I made.
Wild blanketflower in ditch along road, photo to confirm earlier identification for Ms Shelly
Super hot out, so the slowcooker, plugged in outside, is making meatloaf stew for supper. By the way, our siding has arrived at the lumber yard. One of these days ....
Took this photo, Still Life With Tractor: where my flowerbed used to be. Now septic tank, strawberries and dirt
But out front, the flowerbed is getting pretty. Still no photos worth posting though. I put on my bathing suit a few hours ago and told Emil we should run through the sprinkler this afternoon. He was up for it!

Since I'm Embarrassing My Family Members

When Gord (my ex) came to Shelly's to pick Emil up, he gave him two tickets to the Neil Young concert in Saskatoon in Nov
Everett about to put his whole wheat bread into the oven
Last weekend we visited my sis Karen, who served us saskatoon pie. Here she is sending one home with Michelle, her daughter-in-law