Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ed Sheeran

Dear Joan,
I went to YouTube and listened to the first three videos that came up: Sing, Don't, and The Man.
Are there other songs that you like better? because these don't make me want to listen to more of this guy. 
Either I just found three of his poorest songs, or you and I like very different types of music!
(Not that there is anything wrong with that ... .)

Dear Kathy,
Of those three, I have only heard "Sing." I prefer his earlier stuff (when he just came out…) that would be "The parting Glass, A Team, Give Me Love, I See Fire - try those. There are some great videos of just him in the studio recording and those are fun to watch. 

Dear Joan,
Ah! I think I may have seen him perform on The Graham Norton Show once.
Have you ever watched that?
Best talk show EVER.
ooh, this is pretty:

It moves my heart. Makes me sing.
Thanks for the heads-up, Joan!