Thursday, August 11, 2016

Early Risers Like to Brag

Slept till 9:15 yesterday and wanted to finish some newspaper work before heading to the office, so there was no time for a walk. When I got home around 7 or later I wanted to put in another two hours for work. By the time that was nearly done and I remembered to walk, it was getting dark so I let myself off the hook, after six days of first-thing-in-the-morning "medicine" walks. (Okay they aren't really medicine walks but they are good medicine.) I was pretty proud of myself.
Before falling asleep last night, I told myself to wake up by 7 (which is not rare; I often am awake numerous times near that hour) and to get up (which is more rare). There is no relying on Mr. Up Early to wake me when the coffee is ready, as his be-sweet-to-your-woman, bring-her-coffee-to-the-bedroom habit has failed lately (to be fair, he is not the only one who has trouble maintaining healthy habits over the long term; I can't talk), so I relied on my body clock. It didn’t let me down; it woke me at 6, or maybe I just heard the coffee pot gurgling out in the kitchen. Anyway I was up, bed made, face washed, a glass of juice down my neck, and out the door by 6:21. Twenty minutes later I was back, one mile (my workday goal) covered. I can be a lazy lout for the rest of the day, yay!
It’s a lovely time to be out there, but stopping to take photos is not a good idea. A whitetail buck nibbling on greenery alongside the ditch was bouncing away by the time I got my camera ready, and the mosquitoes swarmed me the moment I stood still.  You have to keep moving to outrun the little bastards, and frequently waving a cap around my head and shoulders is a necessity too. Oh well, there is no such thing as paradise; you can't have everything. I have a quiet country road to traverse, a big beautiful sky and distant horizons to gaze upon, and wildlife that flies overhead or crosses my path. I'm fortunate and complaining is foolish.  

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Birdie has left a new comment on your post "Kate's 5 Things": 
Wouldn't it be fun to have a newsletter gossiping about neighbours, bitching about co-workers, complaining about husbands and badmouthing family members? A Festivus for the Rest of Us Newsletter? An airing of grievances and how everyone wronged you this year. (Sorry if you are not a Seinfeld fan and have no idea what I am talking about.) 

If only I could write that stuff and make it funny! Alas my sense of humour is kind of deadpan and tongue-in-cheek and often fails to come across. I blanche to think about how many times I have been taken seriously when kidding around.
Seinfeld was one of the few weekly shows I watched faithfully.

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