Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Just Hangin' About

You tell me ... how can a day off be so full all the time? You'd think a person would be looking for things to occupy yourself with when you've got four days off in a row, as I do, but that's not the case at all. You could be on the move constantly from one thing to another from the time you got up till the time you went to bed, if you let yourself.

I try not to let myself, but sometimes that's exactly how it goes.

A gal ought really, on her day off, to take at least a little time to chew her cud. Know what I mean? What's the rush all the time, I say. What's the rush? Take a lesson from these ladies of leisure:

Well howdy thar.

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Maggie Turner on "Lovin' Those Giant Zinnias": 
The couch usually turns my insomnia around Kate. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps the secure back, or the change of scene, or alternative micro-climate of noise and air currents... wish I knew.
That is great news about the migraines! 

Knock on wood eh.

Sometimes Karma just kicks in; other times it just kicks you in the ass. Hoping for more "in" for you. 

I've no serious complaints about my lot in life; it's a pretty damn good one and better than many. If those migraines would stop altogether ... and they will, I've always believed ... I will be just a-walkin' on sunshine seven days a week. I promise.
Thanks to your comment I've just been reminded to go make my herb tea for today. How could I have forgotten? Lawdylawdy.