Friday, May 13, 2016

Me and Ducky Doodle

There is a certain dog that has to be where the people are. He will follow you from room to room until you sit down; he wants to know where you're going to be, before he settles himself in. He has a bed in just about every room of the house.

During the days I'm at work, he is home alone all day. We leave the radio on for him, and we hurry back, not liking leaving him alone so long. He's a people dog. Well, they all are, aren't they. What have we done to deserve this affection and loyalty from dogs? We are fortunate. 

One day Scott returned and found Ducky on the bed — he is not supposed to be on the furniture at all unless he's on our laps or has been invited, and he is definitely not allowed on the beds — and not only on the bed, but curled up on my pillow! Little hairy smelly bugger. I make a point, now, of closing the bedroom door before I leave in the morning.

Yesterday while getting ready to go out the door, I came back into the office and found:

Mom gave me the Kenko seat, which is lined with magnets and getting worn out.

He is incorrigible. 

Have you seen that video where the dog's owner leaves a camera set up and as soon as he exits, the dog starts leaping around on the bed where it is not allowed? 

This reminds me of that. 

You Comment ... I Reply

Maggie Turner has left a new comment on your post "Oh Honestly Erin": 
Erin says the kinds of things I wish I could have said when my kids were growing up!! What fun! 

I wish I could've said them half so well as she does!

Red Skelton did this on his TV show. A little hop and a jangle of a cow bell. He'd always try to get the off-camera bell jingler off guard.. I too do it occasionally. 

Right you are! I remember that, being a big Red Skelton fan as I was growing up.