Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Night Report

A quick note to say hello, and goodnight. The day has gotten away on me somehow. I can't explain it. Oh yes I can. A lengthy telephone conversation with a longtime and dear friend this morning, and a batch of raisin-rye bread out of the oven in time for lunch. Work in the afternoon, and a quick trip to town earlier this evening to pick up a working teenager (Scott's nephew) from his job at the store, and while I was there, a few things from the store for the inlaws. Emil's not coming out this weekend and I'm spending tomorrow night with one of my little sisters. Something to look forward to. Considering I haven't seen her since Dec23rd and she lives only 20 minutes away; shame on me. And on her, too.

And my back is much improved. I'm still using my legs exclusively when it's necessary to squat down for things— which is every five minutes apparently — and being very careful not to bend, but to lower myself straight down and to rise straight up again. I don't dare use my back. Or can't. Who knew one needs to use the legs so much, anyway? You don't realize till something goes awry that you haven't been lifting properly all along, though you'd have sworn you were. You can sure find out in a hurry that you have been an idiot.  I'm glad the worst is over and I don't feel like an invalid half the time, like I have for the past two weeks.