Friday, June 5, 2009

Les Cuz

Emil thinks he and his cousin Marc look alike.

This was taken at my sister Karen's on Saturday. She had a family shindig so that everyone could visit with Joan while she and Jordan were here. We ate like royalty. Grandma was there (wanting to go home an hour after she arrived, but I twisted her arm so she'd stay for supper)(as if she had a choice!) and also our cousin Karla and her family were down from Denare Beach.

Joan cracked us up with her story about the time she was driving along with her friend Brenda and they saw a licence plate bearing the letters SLMDNK.
Joan exclaimed, "Slim Dink! Why would a guy advertise that?"
Brenda cleared it up immediately.
"He's a basketball player; Slam Dunk!"
Our Joanie, a bit of a clown.