Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thank a Feminist

If you're female and... 
...you can vote
...you get paid as much as men doing the same job
...you went to college instead of being expected to quit after high school so your brothers could go because "You'll just get married anyway"
...you can apply for any job, not just "women's work",
...you can get or give birth control information without going to jail
...your doctor, lawyer, pastor judge or legislator is a woman
...you play an organized sport
...you can wear slacks without being excommunicated from your church or run out of town
...your boss isn't allowed to pressure you to sleep with him
...you get raped and the trial isn't about your hemline or your previous boyfriends
...you start a small business and can get a loan using only your name and credit history
...you are on trial and are allowed to testify in your own defense
...you own property that is solely yours
... you have the right to your own salary even if you are married or have a male relative
... you get custody of your children following divorce or separation
... you get a voice in the raising and care of your children instead of them being completely controlled by the husband/father
... your husband beats you and it is illegal and the police stop him instead of lecturing you on better wifely behavior
... you are granted a degree after attending college instead of a certificate of completion
... you can breast feed your baby discreetly in a public place and not be arrested
... you marry and your civil human rights do not disappear into your husband's rights
... you have the right to refuse sex with a diseased husband [or just "husband"]
... you have the right to keep your medical records confidential from the men in your family
... you have the right to read the books you want
... you can testify in court about crimes or wrongs your husband has committed
... you can choose to be a mother or not a mother in your own time not at the dictates of a husband or rapist
... you can look forward to a lifespan of 80 years instead of dying in your 20s from unlimited childbirth
... you can see yourself as a full, adult human being instead of a minor who needs to be controlled by a man

-author unknown (plus I've removed the repeated 

"thank a feminist" at the end of each sentence in the original).
-with gratitude to nagonthelake.blogspot.com for posting it   
   I might add that if you're a male, you can thank a feminist 
if you are not looked down upon for not bringing home all 
the bacon because your wife can now get a job outside the 
home and people no longer think you're a poor provider or 
less of a man because of it.
     Maybe you can also thank a feminist because you can now
 be more actively involved in the care and raising of your 
children and enjoy the pleasures and closeness that brings. 
     You might thank a feminist if you know how to do your
 own or your family's laundry, make meals, wash dishes 
and clean your house. There is a certain satisfaction in 
this kind of self-sufficiency as opposed to being served
 by someone else.