Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Off

A favourite corner of the living room

I am going from room to room, starting one thing, seeing another, picking something else up, and so on. At this rate I won't finish making the bed or getting dressed or checking my bank account for a recent deposit, or ... anything ... till this afternoon. I've left the bedroom half-together — went to the linen closet to exchange one wool blanket for another, saw an afghan Grandma made and brought it into the office, figured I'd check the morning mail, and here I still am! in my soft green housecoat ... but so much to do, never enough time! With patient attention I hope to feel otherwise about that someday. I refuse to live a life of rushing around. Yet I do it to myself anyway.

Breathe, Kathy, breathe ....

For a while there I was giving myself Fridays off.  A lovely leisurely day to bath, bake bread, go to town for Emil and get groceries for the coming week. I was living the life of luxury. Now I have some work that is time-sensitive and will probably need to be done (at least some of it will) on Fridays. So this is a "school day" after all. My schedule is always changing, it seems. When spring weather comes, I wonder how I'll manage to keep my nose to the grindstone indoors.

^~^ If you like the painting above, go have a look at Wendy Klein's gallery: CLICK HERE. Wish I had the wall space to bring home quite a few. Alas ... but she sells them as greeting cards too, which is so smart. They do give the recipient a lift.