Friday, September 3, 2010

Still Bloomin'

Gorgeous day.
No one wants to be indoors. Warm, calm, sunny heaven.
Everett is raking. I’ve been out pulling weeds, pinching off sweetpeas in bloom; in washing up and dressing (why does this take more than 30 seconds? I'm sick of it; must relax, slow down and enjoy looking after my body), reading email, doing a bit of computer work. Gorgeous day.
Friday, which always makes me want to slack off and play tourist or something. Drive to town for an ice cream. See if there's a garage sale (bet there won't even be one, this weekend).
Best drop in on Emil today; make sure all is going well. I've remade his bed with a quilt Mom made, and am reminded every time I walk by that he is not here. You'd think it was the first time he hasn't been here for a few days or something. What a drama queen.