Sunday, June 12, 2016

Prefers Blogs to Facebook and Twitter

They say that personal blogs are going out of style and that most people prefer to read and write on Facebook nowadays, or Twitter.
Facebook is boring as shit except for the odd person who is really witty, like my friends Laura and Maggie and Kathy, who are hilarious. The rest is just rehashed other-people's stuff, and bullshit propaganda that no one has factchecked but they insist on sharing it all over the place anyway as if it's been handed down from the heavens to prove some point.

Boring, I say.
Except for the odd person who actually posts about where they've been and what they've been doing and who they've seen and the funny things their little kids have said. I don't care if you can't stand the young Trudeau or are dumb enough to believe the provincial NDP government in Alberta is singlehandedly responsible for oil prices tanking or that Monsanto is the cat's meow and we should all drink the koolaid and blame everything on the Syrian refugees who are so much better off than our homeless people here in Canada. Pfft. As if.
You won't convince me of anything and your political beliefs are of no importance to me. Each to his own, I say. Heard it all before.

If I see one more updated profile photo of a homely person with 25 comments like "Beautiful lady!" beneath it, I just might puke. Honestly, people are so full of baloney.
Then there are all the selfies of the women who really are beautiful. But why the hell do we need to see a new photo every other week? Yes you're glamorous. Now get over yourself.

Give me someone's personal blog any day. A blog where someone tells me what they did today and what they were thinking about and what they hope to do tomorrow and next week. Someone who whines that they've stubbed their big toe. Someone who bitches about her husband once in a while. Someone who complains about the high cost of groceries. You know: real stuff. Real life. That's what I want to read about. When I want general news and information, I'll listen to the radio and I'll do my own research.

So that's why I'm bored with Facebook and Twitter. They're as bad as television that's full of repetitive commercials. Every once in a while I see something that gives me a good chuckle or a practical method of doing something, and even a decent recipe once in a blue moon. Unfortunately the worthwhile stuff is few and far between and a lot of time is wasted by scrollscrollscrolling. From now on I'm going to set my stove timer for 15 minutes so I don't waste too much time searching for value that doesn't exist on these social media sites, and find life has passed me right by! Well okay, maybe not life, but a good hour of my day, anyway, if I don't pay attention to the clock. I've got better things to do. Pretty much anything is better, actually.

Photo of a weaving by the late Katherine Hunter of Moab,  Utah. 

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Maggie Turner on "Tale of Two Gardens": 
Love the title of this post! I am with you Kate, on feeling both flower and food gardens are needed. If I had to chose, all things being equal, I would go with flowers and buy my vegetables from an organic farm. As it is, we too have two gardens, well, more accurately a patchwork of flowers and food plants. 

You can buy veggies at the farmers market or store, or be the lucky recipient of the generosity of those who have extra produce in their own gardens. Flowers are a different story and far more expensive to buy ... but I'll enjoy those new potatoes and fresh tomatoes Scott is growing. I won't, however, enjoy weeding, picking or digging them, or having to pick beans before they get tough and I have other things to do, or having to wash, trim, chop and freeze things within a certain time period. Flowers leave me free to choose what and when I'm gardening, and that's what I prefer. It's a lot less pressure.