Saturday, August 25, 2012

Plain Old Livin'

On an evening walk this week; that's a neighbours' farmyard about two miles across the fields
Unfortunately it no longer looks so peaceful and warm outside. Scott turned the furnace on before going out this afternoon, and I'm about to bundle up real good to make sure the kittens have enough food on the tractor shed floor. There is plenty on a table but every morning I refill the two dishes on the floor for them, and haven't seen them climb up on the table yet. Time to put it all on the floor anyway, as the dogs never manage to make their way in there. (Anyone need cats or kittens? Plenty to share.)

My morning was spent in bed with a migraine, but a phone call roused me just before noon so I got up to see if the day could be salvaged. And it has. After going outside and coming in half-frozen and probably soaked, a nice soothing bath to warm up my old bones should be just what the doctor orders.

Now what the heck was I going to tell you? There was something on my mind, but it's vanished. Hmph.

Oh yes, last night's supper at Grandma Viv's café in Archerwill. We ordered quickly and off the daily specials board because Scott was starving by the time we arrived, about 8:30, and needed to order immediately, so I didn't hold things up; I asked for fish and chips (pronounced excellent by my sidekick, who usually eats half my meals) because it looked like the smallest thing on the three-item chalkboard list. Fish and chips all taste pretty much the same to me, though, so I ate only half of the rather large piece they served. Scott ordered a combo of dried ribs, chicken wings and Caesar salad. It was a heaping plate of well-spiced grub, so he was happy, and I taste-tested it all and agreed it passed muster. We brought some of it home as a midnight snack.

I wish I'd remembered to check out the actual menu though, to see if it's worth going a second time; as it is, an hour-and-ten-minute round trip and driving home after dark with a snoring man beside me means their menu will have to offer something splentastic before I'll want to do it again. However, they've built a pleasant atmosphere and Mr Fussy says the food is good, so when locals are looking for someplace different to go for a meal, it's a suitable option.

In other news, I am trying to identify the water bird that sounds like a cackling witch out on the slough west of the yard, at night. I went to All About Birds and listened to the sounds made my our habitual dwellers: northern shovellers, American coots (we call them mudhens) and blue-winged teals. No success. I know it isn't the sora's springtime call, but maybe later in the season? Must go try that one although I have my doubts.

*** Yep, I was right. It's not the sora. But listen to the sora anyway by clicking here.
Is that not a lovely call? We hear it all night here, in the spring.

Hm. Must find the answer. I may have to sneak up on dem boids with night-vision binoculars and rubber boots!