Thursday, October 29, 2015


Not only do I leave my sister Joan's with new-to-me items of clothing, but she has recently bought herself a pair of handknit slippers at the place she takes her drycleaning, and she is determined to buy both me and our sister Karen a pair on the way to the airport.
What kind of sizing is it when 10R is actually a ladies' 6?

Scott's mom Pat and his sister Lynn have just returned from three weeks touring the Maritimes. (Mary, they didn't want to get too far outside of St. John's when they were in Newfoundland so decided not to go to your place.)

One of the things Pat brought back has ended up on my kitchen table. It's a small, flat dish.

"What's it for?" I ask, due to the fact that it comes with a little wooden paddle.
Apparently it's for serving slightly warmed and softened cream cheese.

The little paddle reminds me of the carved tools that Grandma Benson's grandfather made for her when she was a wee girl, so I get them out of the china cabinet:

He even put the hand grip in the shovel handle.