Tuesday, October 4, 2016

An Indoor Day

"I'm going tomorrow, rain or shine," I promised myself yesterday, turning back from the road because already the legs of my jeans were getting damp. I'd bundle up even better and wear my long raincoat.

But no. Yesterday was a lovely light rain in comparison to the windy deluge today. It's miserable out there.
So far. I'm still hoping the wind at least will die down a bit and I can get some exercise without being blown off the road.

It's been a perfect day for baking bread and making puffed wheat cake to satisfy our sweet tooths. Scott's been home, lazing about, so it feels like a weekend. Last night he practically begged me to come up with some kind of treat, but I wasn't up to starting anything in the kitchen at that hour so he had to satisfy himself with yogurt and bananas. Better for a person anyway.

Between measuring, mixing, shaping dough into loaves, and washing dishes, I've spent the day reading a murder mystery. Yep, it's the life o' Reilly, and don't I know it.

Part of Scott's tomato crop

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WiseWebWoman, I don't know what the animal was. Part of me thinks Scott was pulling my leg about seeing it. There was a bear in the farmyard a quarter-mile from us in the spring of 2015, but I've never seen a bear around here myself. It makes the news when someone does. I should be more afraid, but until I have a scare, I'm too stupid to be afraid.