Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How do I pack thee?

A week ago, the lumber yard boys delivered our new kitchen cabinets. That's my son Everett on the ground.

I've been tasked with emptying the top shelves in the existing cabinets, as they will be replaced first. The arborite for the countertop hasn't arrived yet, so the bottom cabinets will wait anyway.

This is the side I haven't emptied yet. It takes more than five minutes! I think I've only got two cardboard boxes left to pack into, too, so that may delay me till I get some more empties.

Oh well. Scott's been in the field doing whatever it is he does out there on the tractor at this time of year (that and bottle-feeding a calf and milking its mother, as she's having udder troubles); he's also been in town working on someone else's house; our cupboards must wait for a rainy day, I'm told. So all in good time.