Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guest blogging, flower arranging

I've known Julie since I was 19; that's 37 years. We've written letters back and forth all this time.
Last week I sent her one that she wanted to repost on her blog, and with my permission she edited out the more personal stuff and did.
You can read it HERE.

I need a lesson in flower arranging. I cannot make a bouquet of flowers look right, no-how.


I put these in a vase on Friday night after getting home from work. I was tired and it seemed like a huge job by the time I cut the stems and so on, and I never did get them looking as stunning as they could.

I was going to read up online and get some basic tips, and then rearrange this bouquet and post a photo of the "after." But I don't feel like it now.

These flowers are cheery anyway, and remind me how much beauty there is.