Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Porcupine Tracks

click to enlarge

There was a big fat porcupine slowly making its way across the field when I saw these tracks (not mine, which are on the right) on the road, where it had likely crossed.

This doesn't look exactly like the track pattern in my trusty little manual, but ... I still think these might be porky tracks.

There were four dogs with me, and the one that loves to run actually listened to me when I told her (she was the only one who appeared to notice the porky) not to chase the porcupine. Maybe she remembers the time I had to pull quills out of her nose.


Does anyone here watch Californication? The other night the Duchovny character shit on the hood of his ex-wife's fiancé's car. Okay, I'm down with that (meaning, not that I endorse it, but it didn't kill me that someone in a tv show did it). But they actually showed the turd as he was dropping it! That was more than I could take; I was gagging and had to look away. Today I gagged violently while telling Everett about it. He thinks my discomfort is hilarious, laughed heartily and said, "That show really goes all the way, doesn't it?"

It goes too far for my liking. In the same episode they showed the guy throwing up. At length. Like, I don't need that, series director. Damn near threw up, myself, when he did it; I do not need to see people horking on TV, particularly when they show the actual spewage. For a long time. More than once. Blech.