Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Everett Does the Turd Tour

Another reason I thank heaven for kids living at home: we have two farm dogs with no damn manners.

Little Miss Honestly, Erin (see my favourites in the sidebar) has tagged me to do a quizzie thing. I am no good at these but I did enjoy Erin's, so here goes:

Ten Random Things You Don't Need to Know About Me:
1. I turn my nose up at fried egg yolks that are overcooked or broken.
2. I feel guilty for a moment when I kill a mosquito or squish a woodtick. Was it really necessary? Hmm?
3. I will swallow a baseball before I will cry in public.
4. I wear wool socks.
5. Thong.
6. I love the colour fuchsia.
7. I found this image on a blog this morning and felt like I was looking into a mirror no one else can see into.

From the Bogwitch's webpage. See the link to it in her comments below this entry.
8. I paint my toenails in summer and wear two silver toe-rings year round. Crows like shiny things.
9. Jesus Christ Who Cares? Heh.
10. I admit, I do. I love to read this stuff about other people. Anybody here wear toe-rings? Some of you probably have facial piercings and such. Not me. Having my ears pierced was enough trauma.
11. Can't cheat, have to list ten:
12. I'm running out of things to tell and there are some you'll never know. Never. NEVER!
13. My chequing account never, ever balances. Pain in the ass.
14. I don't mind playing cribbage.

Bogwitch has a meme-thing at her blog that would be fun to do among people you've spent time with. Like, Cathy, maybe I would tag you because we know each other so well.